Who is this book for?

Anyone can read this book, but this book is mostly for autistic people. This means all autistic people.

Some of us have an autism diagnosis, which is when a doctor says you are autistic. Some of us have a self-diagnosis, which is when you figure out that you are autistic. Some of us aren’t sure if we are autistic, and that’s okay. Lots of autistic people aren’t sure at first, and this book can help you figure it out.

People who aren’t autistic should also read this book, since this book can help people become better allies. Allies are non-autistic people who want to help autistic people.

All sorts of people can be allies, like friends, family members, and people who work with autistic people. Anyone who wants to help autistic people can be an ally.

Most of this book will be good for allies to read, and there is one chapter of the book just for allies. It talks about how allies can help autistic people. Even if you aren’t autistic, you can learn a lot from this book.

Lots of people don’t know they are autistic. Some allies might actually be autistic, and you might be one of those people. This book can help you learn about yourself.