How to read this book

Here are some tips for reading this book:

Chapter names are big and bolded, and start with the number of the chapter.
For example, the first chapter is called “Chapter One: To Start”.

Chapters are split into sections to make them easier to read.
For example, right now you are in the section called “How To Read This Book”! The topic of each section is split up with big bold text.

There is a list of other things to read at the end of each chapter.
These extra things can help you learn more about what we talked about in the chapter.

Keep track of Words to Know.
This book will have a lot of words that you might not have heard before. Words that you should know will be written in bold, and we will say what the word means the first time we say the word. There is also a “Words to Know” section of the book, so if you forget what a word means, you can look at this section for help.