Philip Reyes

My Voice Is All mine

Philip Reyes As an autistic person I ask you to try to understand autism from autistic people. The people who are most knowledgeable about autism are those who live as autistic everyday. Why then do non-autistic people have authority about autism and how to help autistic people? ASAN is an important group because we can […]

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Morénike Giwa-Onaiwu We live in an ableist world. It’s the truth. And it’s so ingrained it’s shameful.Having lived the majority of my life not knowing I was even disabled, I was mostly unaware of how deeply ableism was – is – entrenched in our society. Once I started to recognize the reality, my mind was […]

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Acceptance Begins at Home

by Jean Winegardner We parents of autistic children talk a lot about wanting acceptance for our children. We want teachers, peers, potential employers, strangers, and the world at large to see our kids as the wonderful people they are, deserving of respect and embrace. Sometimes, however, the place where acceptance is lacking the most is […]

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Why We Need Autism Acceptance

by Paula Durbin-Westby We need autism acceptance because too many Autistics, both children and adults, are being given the message that what we do, and who we are is not as important as “fitting in” or “becoming indistinguishable from our so-called peers.” (Our real peers are other Autistics.) Parents, educators, and the general public are being given […]

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