What is autistic community?

Some people think autistic people can’t have a community. They say autistic people are loners, or that we can’t have friends. These people are wrong! Autistic people have communities, and autistic community is very important.

Autistic community can mean a lot of different things. It can mean:

  • Autistic people hanging out together
  • Autistic people helping each other solve problems
  • Autistic people talking to each other online
  • Autistic people fighting for our rights

Autistic community doesn’t have to be all about autism. Autistic community can be autistic people just hanging out. We might talk about things we like, play video games together, or do other things we enjoy.

Autistic community helps us feel good about who we are. It is important to get a chance to be yourself, and when everyone is autistic, it can be easier to be yourself.

It is important to spend time with people who accept you. Autistic community can help us accept other autistic people, and that makes it easier to accept ourselves for who we are.

Autistic community creates autistic pride. We deserve to feel proud of who we are!