Finding autistic community near you

There are a lot of groups where autistic people hang out together, and there might be one near you. These can be great places to meet other autistic people!

Some of these groups might not have what you are looking for. Some of them are run by non-autistic people, and they might try to make autistic people act “normal.” Always be careful when looking for groups. Here are some ways to tell if a group will work for you:

Who is in charge?

Is the group run by autistic people or someone else? Do non-disabled people help with the group? Do they tell everyone what to do? It’s always best if autistic people decide what their group does.

What is the goal of the group?

Is it for autistic people to hang out? Is it to do disability advocacy? You can choose a group that does things you’re interested in.

Is the goal to teach us how to act non-autistic? We shouldn’t have to act non-autistic to meet other autistic people. It is a big problem if the group is not a safe place to be autistic.

Who can join?

Is it just autistic people? Can non-autistic people join, too? Both kinds of groups can be good, but some autistic people want groups that are just for us. Pick a group that works for you!