Rehabilitation Act and Section 504 rights

There is a law called the Rehabilitation Act, that is called the “Rehab Act” for short. The Rehab Act makes rules for programs the government pays for. Section 504 is the part of the Rehab Act that talks about disability rights.

The Rehab Act says the government can’t discriminate against people with disabilities. If the government pays for something, it has to work for people with disabilities. For example:

  • Government websites have to be accessible.
  • Government buildings have to be accessible.
  • The government can’t discriminate against people with disabilities for jobs.

Places the government gives money to can’t discriminate either. For example, if the government hires a business, the business can’t discriminate.

The government gives some schools money, which means those schools also have to follow the Rehab Act. The school can make Section 504 Plans for disabled students, that say what a student needs to be able to learn. For example, the student might need:

  • An iPad
  • A letterboard
  • Large print
  • Sign language
  • A support person

Some students get Section 504 plans, while other students get IEPs. It depends on the school and the student.