Other thinking differences

There are lots of ways autistic people think differently. Here are a few:

Autistic people can notice small things that other people don’t notice.
We can notice small mistakes that other people don’t see, like typos.
We can pay a lot of attention to things other people don’t think are important.
We can have very good memories for facts.
You might remember a lot of facts about your special interests.

Many autistic people like routine.
We might like things to be the same every day.
We might like to eat the same foods every day.
It helps us to know what will happen each day.

Change can be scary for us.
Things being the same helps us stay calm.
Knowing what’s coming helps us make sense of our lives.

Autistic people sometimes think in black and white.
Things are either good or bad.
We either like or dislike people.
Either we can or can’t do something.
We can sometimes think in-between, but it can be hard.
Black and white thinking can be a good thing.
For example, we know when something is right or wrong.
We can help people do the right thing.

Autistic people learn things differently.
We might learn things in a different order.
We might learn “hard” things before “easy” things.
We might be great at one thing and bad at another thing.
We might not get something, and then suddenly get it weeks later.
We might need to learn some things very slowly, and other things very fast.
We might need to learn something more than once.
Because we learn things differently, we can solve problems that other people can’t!