This website is here to teach you all about autism.

April is Autism Acceptance Month! That is a great time to learn more about autism. But we think people should learn about autism acceptance all year round. So we wrote a book to tell people all about autism.

The book is called Welcome to the Autistic Community. We wrote this book for autistic people who want to learn what being autistic means. We hope it will help you understand autism better, and answer some questions you have about autism. We also want non-autistic people to read the book. It can show you how to make life better for autistic people.

We put the whole book on this website. That way, anyone who wants to learn about autism can read it any time. You can also download the book to read offline, or buy a print copy of the book. Click below to start reading!


Outside of the book, this website has lots of other resources about autism. They might have more detail about certain topics we couldn’t get to in our book. You can look at those resources by clicking here.

We also have information just for allies of autistic people. Families, teachers, or people who work with us can learn more about how to help us. If you’re an ally, or you want to be one, go here!

This website was made by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN). ASAN is a nonprofit organization run by and for autistic people. We work to make sure autistic people are always in charge of our own lives. We fight for the rights of autistic people, and make sure our voices are heard whenever other people talk about autism. Nothing About Us, Without Us!