Getting help.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help.
Your family and friends can help.
You can ask someone whose job is to help people.

You can also get accommodations to help you.
Accommodations are changes that make things easier for disabled people.
They help us get the same things as non-disabled people.
Accommodations can be used at school or work.
They can also be used in public places like restaurants.

Accommodations can be useful for all sorts of things.
For example, here are some accommodations at school:

  • Getting extra time on a test
  • Having a note-taker
  • Using AAC in class

Wanting or needing accommodations isn’t bad.
It is normal.
Non-disabled people have their needs met in most places.
But disabled people don’t. That is why accommodations exist.
Don’t be afraid to use them.