Transgender and non-binary people can be autistic!

There are lots of different genders, but some people think there are only 2. When people are born, the doctor usually says “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!”. The doctor says this based on what someone’s body looks like, but sometimes the doctor is wrong. You don’t have to be a boy or girl just because of what your body looks like.

Sometimes, a person who was told she was a boy is actually a girl. Transgender means your gender is different than people thought when you were born. Cisgender means your gender is the same as people thought when you were born.

For example:

Billy is transgender. When Billy was born, everyone thought he was a girl, but Billy knew he was a boy. Billy told people that he was a boy, and now, he lives his life as a man.

There are lots of different genders. Sometimes, a person is not a boy or a girl. Sometimes, a person does not have a gender, or feels like different genders at different times. Non-binary means that someone isn’t just a boy or a girl.

A lot of autistic people are transgender or non-binary, and we do not know why this happens.
That is okay! It is okay to be autistic, transgender or non-binary, or both!

Some people say that autistic people cannot understand ourselves. They might just say that we are confused about our gender, but they are wrong! Autistic people get to decide what our genders are, no matter what.