Neurodiversity is the idea that humans have all kinds of brains. Every person has things they are good at and things they need help with, and there is no such thing as a “normal” brain. Some of us have brains that think differently because of a disability, and that’s okay!

People are different in all sorts of ways.

We have different:

  • Genders
  • Ages
  • Races
  • Cultures
  • Bodies
  • Religions
  • And more!

We also have different brains!

The Neurodiversity Movement

The neurodiversity movement says it is okay to be disabled, and it is okay if your brain is different from other people’s. The neurodiversity movement is part of the disability rights movement.

It says a few different things, such as:

  • People with all kinds of brains should be accepted in society.
  • People shouldn’t try to cure or get rid of disabilities like autism.
  • Autistic people should be allowed to be autistic.
  • We should work to make sure that everyone gets the help we need.

The neurodiversity movement is for more than just autistic people. It is for people with intellectual disabilities, mental health disabilities, and learning disabilities. It is for people who talk, and people who don’t. It is for people who only need a little bit of help, and people who need a lot of help all the time. The neurodiversity movement is for everyone.

Many autistic people have intellectual disabilities. People with intellectual disabilities made the self-advocacy movement, and the neurodiversity movement wouldn’t be here without their help.