2. Autism is not a disease. You can’t cure autism.

A disease is something that makes you sick.
Diseases can really hurt or even kill people.
When someone has a disease, they need to see a doctor.
They want to “get better” from their disease.

Autism is not a disease.
Autism is just how our brain works.
Autism doesn’t make you sick.
You can’t die from autism.
Doctors can’t stop us from being autistic.
We don’t “get better” by not being autistic.
We are autistic our whole lives, and that is just how we are!

People usually want a cure for diseases.
Most autistic people don’t want a cure for autism.
The goal of a cure is to ‘fix’ something.
Autistic people don’t need to be fixed.

Some people don’t care what we want.
They want a cure for autism.
They spend a lot of time and money looking for it.
This is bad for autistic people.
People should spend time and money helping us live good lives.